we are social models

We love creating innovative strategies for the web

All kind of brands hire us: we make difficult things easy, but never take anything lightly.

We are curious and responsive to instruments that change dynamically.

From this derives our experience.

Social Media

Communication evolved into conversation. We were born into this change.

We come up with strategies and good behaviours.
We never stop researching new tools and services.

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Web Sites

It's important to be present in the digital world. Yet more important, is doing it well.

Before doing there is thinking: we design the wireframe and add the graphics.
And the customer can always update the contents. Forever.

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Do you think one website is not enough? You don't need to have two of them.

We design apps. For mobile, web, Facebook. Using correct instruments for different needs, keeping ourselves updated.

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The rest

The web is beautiful, but it's not all there is.

We created branding strategies, packaging, identities, political communication, crisis management and videos.

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Creative paths lead you to unexpected solutions

We find new paths to solve everchanging problems. Move the mouse over the figure if you don't believe us.

Touch the figure if you don't believe us.

Social Models, LLC

6619 South Dixie Highway, #174
Miami, FL 33143